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My first SigmaDSP Schematic!

Question asked by Skfir on Aug 20, 2013
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Hello everybody!

I have just drawn the schematic for the adau1701. It is shameful to confess, especially on the engineer forum, but the thing is, this is the second schematic I have ever drawn in my life and the first, which uses so many components. Because of that I am terribly afraid of making an error and probably the schematic is also drawn ugly. If I am not asking for too much, may I post it here and ask somebody just look at it just to check for something terrible? Please!!

The 1701 is supposed to work only in self-boot mode, with occasional connection to the USB port. The frequencies I will use climb up as high as to about 90Khz.  outputs will go directly to a high-voltage op-amp, the other two - to a headphone amp. I read that there is a convention while drawing schematics group pins like inputs with inputs, power with power etc., but since I have no experience with drawing, I decided to draw the models as they will be on the board, i.e. all the pins are place as they are on the actual IC. Because otherwise when I draw the board layout, I am afraid of being confused and lost.  Brr... Scary... Have never done it before.

Thanks in advance!!