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ADXL362 - referenced mode

Question asked by Feras.Qammou on Aug 19, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2013 by neilzhao


Hi All,


We are developing a system that on of its features is to diagnose an earthquake, so we are using in our design ADXL362.


I'm the FW Engineer at this team of engineers; I want to do something like the example described on the datasheet on page 36 "Autonomous Motion Switch".

My question is; let us said that the device is sampling at measure mode and I want to wake up when any one of the 3 axis feel acceleration of 200 [mg] (dynamic acceleration – not including g),

What is the referenced point that the device compares every new sample?

Does the device know the stationary acceleration contribution of the earth gravity "g" distributed on 3 axis depending on it's orientation at that time?

Or I shall say to the device at specific time that my application is stationary and to save the momentary x, y & z accelerations as reference internally,

And so, if I rotate slowly the device so one of the axis feels more than 200 [mg] Relative for its initial references?!


Question 1) at the time that I enable the ACT_EN functionality with INACT_REF = 1,


                   Is the device save its accelerations as reference at that specific time? Or the device knows at every new sample to compare with its new reference based on its new/momentary orientation? (Compensation with g)


Question 2) at referenced mode, is the values of acceleration for x, y & z is absolute? Or compensated with g (or reference)?