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I2C of ADV7611

Question asked by Jacky-zheng on Aug 19, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2013 by DaveD


I'm using ADV7611,the frequency of I2C clk is about 100KHz,and I access the registers of it by random,the LVDS signals are come from a matrix IC.when the source was changed,I use these steps to deal with it:

step1:give order to matrix to reconnect LVDS signals.

step2:jump to step3 when LVDS signals were stable.

step3:delay 10ms.

step4:reset registers of ADV7611.

step5:reconfig the registers which need to be.

step6:delay 150ms.

step7:receive video from ADV7611 normally.


Some issues came out when my system worked with that sequence.

1:I must delay to reconfig the next register when the last register was done.I tried to use many values of this delay,the result is that value must be above 3.1ms at least,then my system can work normally.any value which is shorter than 3.1ms will let ADV7611 down.I don't understand.

2:Acctully,I'm not sure the LVDS was stable or not Do some issues come out when I reconfig ADV7611,If the LVDS wasn't stable and I reconfig ADV7611 normally?

3:How should I judge the video from ADV7611 is stable enough?

4:Must I reconfig the registers of ADV7611 when the sourece is changged?

5:Which registers must be reloaded when the source is 1080P48 3D video?