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AD5684 Voltage Reference

Question asked by padelakas on Aug 16, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2013 by musach

Hi, i would like to use the AD5684 so as to send some analogue values to a telemetry system. The problem is that the analogue input of the telemetry system is very sensitive and should not get any value above 3V. So my question is that, if i use a Voltage regulator, so as to take the Vdd from 5 to 3 Volts and take it to the Vref pin, is it possible that one of the 4 DACs can take a value over the 3 Volts???


In other words, if i have 3 Volts at the Vref pin, can the output take value bigger than the 3 Volts??


And something more. Can somebody explain to me, what exactly is the use of the RSTSEL pin??? From what i have understood, when that pin is low, when you turn on the DAC (or you reset it)  the outputs are at Zero Voltage and when that pin is high the outputs are at Vref/2 Voltage. Is that correct? so from the time that someone is going to send a value to the dac, the RSTSEL will stop having any influence at the circuit!!!


Moreover, if you want to put the DAC to power down mode, the only way to do it is from the SDI pin, by sending the correct bits. Correct?


And finally , as i mentioned earlier the outputs of the DAC will go into three analogue inputs of a telemetry system. Should i send the DAC outputs straight to the telemetry inputs, or should i put along with the signals an RC filter?


Thank you in advance!!!