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Question about AD9889B - location of CSC Enable and CSC Scaling Factor

Question asked by mattp Employee on Aug 16, 2013

I'm looking at the AD9x89B_Programming_Guide_RevB.pdf and SECTION 3: QUICK START GUIDE says:

0x18[7] = 0b1 for YCbCr to RGB – CSC Enable

0x18[6:5] = 0b00 for YCbCr to RGB – CSC Scaling Factor


However, I don't see either of these bit locations defined for register 0x18 on page 74. Only locations 4:0 are defined.


Looking through the document, I see the following:

* The CSC Enable bit is located in 0x3B [0], according to page 75.

* The CSC Scaling Factor is located in 0x17 [4:3], according to page 73.


I think the quick start guide information is incorrect. Please confirm.