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Mosfet Drivers help needed!

Question asked by padelakas on Aug 15, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2013 by RSchnell

Guys hi,


it's my first time i write to the forum. I am student and i am now in the process of my Thesis diploma. I am designing a 3-phase inverter for a PMSM drive. I have chosen for my application these mosfets IXTP90N075T2 (hope that it's not a problem that i am referring for another's company product) and i am trying to find a good and fast driver. After making a thorough search i concluded on using ADUM7234. But unfortunately while testing them i realised that for a three phase inverter i will need, only for the mosfet drivers, 4 separate DC power sources (3 for the high level mosfets and 1 for all the low level mosfets). I believe it's too much and maybe it would be better a driver with a bootstrap capacitor or something that could operate with less power...


About that i have two questions.



The first one is if you could propose to me a better driver for the specific application.

And the second one is if you have in mind a mosfet as fast and as good with the one i mentioned above that could fit better to my application.


Thank you very much in advance and please feel free to ask me anything you need.