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SINC filter clock connection

Question asked by Eng007 Employee on Aug 15, 2013
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In schematics "MOTOR_BOARD_SCHEMATIC _REV2.pdf" two AD7403 connect with CM40x via SINC0_D0/D1 and same SINC_CLK0, while in "110_220V_FLEXMC _REV2.pdf" two AD7403 connect with different clock "SINC_CLK0" and SINC_CLK1".

Would you help me understand why not connect to the same clock in the second scenario, which I think is easily to meet "synchronous sampling", or in the SINC filter module SINC_CLK0 and SINC_CLK1 can easily be configured synchronous? Do we have any suggestions to customer when they design their own board?