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Clock generator

Question asked by lkz6991 on Aug 15, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2013 by JLKeip

I am searching for a simple low-frequency clock generator IC and I am overwhelmed by all of the choices.  All I need to do is generate a programmable low-jitter clock in the range of 1-6MHz with 1Hz resolution.  LVCMOS output and doesn't need to be low power. I can provide an external reference clock 

I have looked at PLL IC's but they seem to be in the GHz range and have 40+ pins.  DDS IC's seem to have a lot of features I don't need (like sine/triangle wave output and modulation) and I can't find specs for jitter. 

One part that looks interesting is the AD9833; 10 lead MSOP, SPI controlled, external clock reference.  But there are no specifications for jitter on the datasheet.  I don't know the exact jitter requirement that I have for this project (yet) but I think it will be about 1ps rms.

Can anyone give me some advice?  Should I use a PLL or DDS?  Or something else?