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ADM3052 with Microchip MCU problem

Question asked by JerryS on Aug 15, 2013
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Customer used the ADM3052 and Microchip MCU PIC18F66K80 for CAN-BUS isolated function.

During loading CAN-BUS function code, customer can't be normal output CAN-BUS signal with ADM3052 and CANH/CANL output seems to strange triangle waveform.

When RD doesn't load MCU CAN-BUS function code, he use GPIO simulate some waveform with same pins.

The CANH/CANL output is normal signal that seems to fine.

By the way, Customer try to use same MCU and CAN-BUS pins with MCP2551 CAN-BUS transceiver, and test result is fine.

(Pin 15, CAN_TXD and Pin 16 CAN_RXD of MCU for CAN bus signal in/output. as picture)


The Vsense pin of ADM3052 is workable when CAN+(+12V) connected or un-connected.

I had checked customer schematic and it is ok.


MCU CAN-BUS function code is support CAN 2.0b version. May it cause this problem?

Would you please kindly give me some suggestion? Thank you.

ADM3052 sch.jpg