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Question asked by chrischen on Aug 15, 2013
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     In CCES, I called "adi_pwr_SetPowerMode(ADI_PWR_MODE_HIBERNATE);" to make DSP(bf609) hibernate,

     and call "adi_pwr_EnableWakeupSignal (ADI_PWR_WAKEUP1, ADI_PWR_WAKE_POL_LOW, true);" to make PB15 as the wakeup signal.(PB15 is a button).

     I guess when i push the button (PB15) DSP will wake up and continue to run. I light a led after hibernate, but when i push the button(PB15) the led does not light. I want to know how can i wake up the DSP from hibernate, and what the Phenomenon is after wake up. If it will continue run after wake up ? Should i configure something to make the DSP normal?


     Can you give me an example code to help me know how to wake up the dsp to full on?


     Please find the attached code which we used for hibernate mode: