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Configuring for 192k sample rate on ADAU1446 through AD1938

Question asked by MagicRuB on May 13, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2012 by drugoimir

My goal is to get higher frequencies like 65kHz out the analog pins using my my eval board.


Using your FAQ I can configure the SigmaStudio (and my AU1446) for 48k, 96k and 192k and at lower (audible) frequencies everything works fine on my oscope. Using the built-in sine generator I can generate and output 22kHz just fine, but >22kHz sines are wrong (output is aliasing).  My ADAU1446 eval board uses an AD1938 for the analog output which seems to be a limiting factor and I can not configure it so it's stuck at 48k. The eval board's R14,15,16, 17 are open which disconnects it's communication from the iUSB.


SigmaStudio has a nice user interface for the AD193x part, is there a reason why this interface is physically disabled on the eval board? When adding the AD193x (I2C 0x8) to the Hardware Config I always lose connection the my ADAU1446. Is that because it's failing on the AD1938 or is there a conflict somewhere else?