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How to make ADZS-BF561-EZLITE start the program independently?

Question asked by chris_k. on Aug 14, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2013 by chris_k.

Hey community!


I'm facing a really simple stupid problem and i think i need your help again.

In the last months i developed a program on the ADZS-BF561-EZLITE for my bachelor thesis. For this i extended the "Audio Codec Talkthrough - TDM (C)" example which came with VisualDSP++.


Now the program is finished and i want to make the board start it independently when it gets powered on. Until now i built the project in VisualDSP++ which automatically downloads the program on the board.

The program does not start automatically and i have to "run" core A and core B to start the program.


I know that core A has to start core B like this:


*pSICA_SYSCR &= 0xFFDF; // clear bit 5 to unlock  core B



But, what do i have to do that core A starts independently when i power on the board?


I read some stuff in the documentation about different boot-modes, but that was only confusing me.



Can someone explain what steps i have to do? Maybe i have not seen the right chapter in the documentation. Does someone know which chapter i have to read?



Thanks and regards,