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8Khz Sample Rate BF52xC1 & G711u-law

Question asked by Lordmonkey on Aug 14, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2013 by Lordmonkey

Hi there,


So i've implemented what is essentially a "Multicast Speaker" on the EZ-KIT BF527. It samples G711u-law packets, delivers the payload to the G711 decoder (the demo version from ADI) and the pCM is put into a chained buffer. Simultaneously, I have a driver based on the "Audio loopback" example (using the BF52xC1) which reads the buffer and plays the audio on Line Out.


It all works fine except for the Sample Rate. G711u-law is supposed to be 8kHz but when I set the onboard DAC to 8000 the audio is played out twice as fast as it should be (i.e. 16Khz). Setting it to 4000 plays the audio correctly (at 8kHz).


Does anyone know why this is happening?