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+/-10V driver for AD7190? differential or single-ended mode?

Question asked by awallin on Aug 14, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2013 by JohnnyG

Hi all,

I'm designing a temperature measurement system with low bandwidth, 10Hz or less, and high DC-precision requirement.

The sensor frontend amplifier outputs a +/-10V signal which I want to digitize with an AD7190.


Q1: ADC driver?

I found the circuit note CN-0213 which shows a +/-10V driver for a 16-bit ADC.


I am wondering if it makes sense to use the CN-0213 circuit for the AD7190 also, or if it makes sense to design a similar circuit from discrete op-amps? One could then use precision zero-drift op-amps?


Q2: differential vs. single-ended inputs on AD7190?

I couldn't find information in the datasheet on single-ended (4 channel) vs. differential (2 channel) performance of the AD7190.

If I opt for a driver similar to the one in CN-0213, will there be any benefit of using the AD7190 in differential mode? OR could I just as well use it in single-ended mode and get 4-channels, with 4 identical CN-0213 driver stages?