ADE7878 Chip SPI communication

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Please find attached plots from oscilloscope. I tried to perform

communication using SPI protocol between TS7800 Micro controller and

ADE7878 chip. It says that on power up, the SS signal has to toggled from

high to low thrice and then a write operation has to be performed on

CONFIG2 register to lock to SPI mode.


In the attached plot that is shown above, I try to perform a write

operation using ADE7878 CONFIG2 register and then reading the same value

from the register after toggling SS pin thrice. How would I know that SPI

port is set up for communication?

I also see that the MISO output runs low only during read operation and is

high during write operation. (MISO output not in the figure)


The plot shows SS signal and the SCLK signal. In the duration during which

the SS pin runs low, the clock goes low for 40 micro seconds  while

performing read operation and on the other hand, sometimes, I dont observe

clock at all during the write operation. Sometimes, I observe a clock that

goes low for 12 micro seconds. So I have attached both the plots. Any

suggestions if I could try anything else using ADE7878 chip and micro

controller TS7800.


P.S. For some reason, I am not able to login directly to the Engineer Zone

help even after giving the right username and password.


Thanks for the help.





Sivaramakrishnan C N Iyer