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Multichannel SPORT receiver through DMA

Question asked by ThierryNolf on Aug 13, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2013 by ThierryNolf

I'm trying to implement a SPORT receiver that puts it's data through DMA in memory.

I would like to receive 4 words (32 bit) over 4 channels.  So I receive 4*4 = 16 words each framesync.

I would like to do a DMA cycle of 16 words at once.


I have connected a led to an output pin, so it toggles eacht interrupt.


If I measure the led, I can see it will only take 4 words of the data.  Even if the SPORT length NCH is set to 15, and even if the DMA length is also 15.


I have example code with only 4 words per framesinc, and that seems to work.


What am I'm doing wrong ?

Can anybody give me a clue to solve my problem ?


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