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AD725 - Can the Color burst magnitude be controled?

Question asked by FreddyS on Aug 11, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2013 by FreddyS

Hi, my customer is using the AD725 device to convert RGB (with CSYNC input) to NTSC composite
output. The device is working good except one thing.

The NTSC output has a color burst generated by the AD725 as part of the NTSC output signal.

The magnitude of the color burst signal should be 40IRE±1IRE (=285mV p-p) according to RS 170A standard (NTSC).

The measured magnitude of the color burst is 34 IRE (about 246mV p-p).

TheR G B inputs are at the correct magnitude and also the NTSC output signal is at the correct amplitude (except for the color burst).

Is there a way to control the magnitude of the color burst without changing the magnitude of the NTSC signal?