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How to creat a device node in my /dev dir?

Question asked by zhangzhihua on Aug 11, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2013 by zhangzhihua

Hi,I want to creat a device node in my /dev so that I can open it from userspace or do something,I also config the kernel like this:

Device Drivers  --->

    [*] SPI support  --->

            <*>   SPI controller driver for ADI Blackfin5xx /* choose this for bf5xx soc */

            <*>   User mode SPI device driver support       /* user space spi driver

and modfiy the ezbrd.c like this:


  .modalias = "spidev",

  .max_speed_hz = 3125000,     /* max spi clock (SCK) speed in HZ */

  .bus_num = 1,

  .chip_select = 1,

  .controller_data = &spidev_chip_info,


but I can't fide any devcive about the spi in /dev dir.


I find in the driver code can call the device_create to creat the device,but when and where to call the spidev_probe fun?