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MISRA and C++

Question asked by MikeSmithCanada on Aug 10, 2013
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Have been tempted for many years to enforce some "strict" embedded C++ coding practices in my class so that the students have some experience in that area when they head out to industry for internship.


So in addition to introducing them to CCES, I decided to explore MISRA  :-)


However. I get the message that  -- Option -misra conflicts with option C++ -- CC3150:

Went checking on the web -- misra c++ exists


Question 1 -- Is there any way that I can activate it to try it with CCES?


Question 2 -- If I did activate it -- would my students and I gain enough on small projects for it to be worth the learning curve?


Question 3 -- Any other useful CCES-compatible plug-ins for enforcing good embedded  C++ coding practices that you could recommended