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uC/OS III Manual Simple example

Question asked by MikeSmithCanada on Aug 9, 2013
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Have installed uC-OS III and created a project that includes the plug-in -- see Image 1 below

I downloaded the uC/OS III Users Manual and decided to follow word for word.


Problem 1 -- Listing 3.1 App.c  -- How do I persuade a pdf file to let me cut-and-paste the listing (using Adobe Acrobat Pro)

     Does the word 'secured' (Image 2) indicate thata the manual is copy-protected so that I can't cut-and-paste?


Problem 2 -- as I am not good at typing things in -- entered first three lines of uC/OS III example -- hit Build to check for typos

and get the error message -- can't find <bsp.h>

Went hunting for the file in uCOS-III/Blackfin/include and CCES 1.02/Blackfin/include -- not there


Comment in uCOS-III manual is that code is supposed to be processor-and environment independent -- so I must be missing a link os something