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ADE7880 phase voltage readings

Question asked by andoniv on Aug 9, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2013 by ahirdevc

Hello, I've been developing an energy meter using the ADE7880 firstly with the evaluation board and now in my application PCB.


Now that I've been testing the ADE in my application board, everything seems to be working fine but there's a problem I can't figure out.


For test purposes, I've only connected phase A voltage and neutral which are the ones feeding my circuit. For some reason when reading the waveform samples and the rms registers in the voltage channels, all channels seem to be reading the same waveform with only slight differences between them even if phase B and C channels don't have anything connected. All registers are set to their default values, the only thing I do before reading is locking the communication port and starting the DSP by setting the RUN register, then I proceed to do the registers reading. On the other hand I've tested the current channels which don't seem to have this problem.


I would really appreciate some feedback



Andoni Villarreal