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ADE7763 stops accumulating energy after restoring from NO LOAD condition

Question asked by umeshwalkar on Aug 9, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2013 by hmani

Hi friends,


I have designed 1-PH energy meter using ADE7763 ic.

till now i got success with all the parameters like KWh, KVAh, Volt, Current, PF, Frequency, KW.

but i have noticed a problem in the energy accumulation process when there is no load.


1) if i give a constant Voltage source to meter but not any Load (no Current Source) over the whole night or lets says more than 12 hours.

and then when i connect Current source, meter does not able to accumulate energy., not showing current value, no WSMP in interrupt.

this is happen with SHUNT Resistor (100uOhms).


2) with CT i have faced same problem. with the strange behavior.

     I connected the meter across Air Condition for high current/ load.

     few random days it worked fine then one day he stopped accumulating energy.

  but meter showing proper current value as well as CF pulses.



in both conditions i have noticed that meter does not able to recover itself after NO LOAD (zero current) for long hours.


i tested this meter on Steady load, inductive (bulb) load and true house hold load like Air Condition.

every time i have faced this problem.


in shunt, if i kept meter on with no current load for the over night it gets stuck on next day. after power on it gets recover. for every night.

in CT, it is happening after some random nights. sometimes 3 night, sometime 4 nights....



how can i troubleshoot this.


thanking you.