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YUV shifted by one clock

Question asked by Daniel.Wang on Aug 9, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2013 by GuenterL

Dear all,


One customer designed a board with ADV7180 and ADSP-BF609 and met some problem when capture the image. ADV7180 output BT656 NTSC image to ADSP-BF609, during the initial stage after powered up, the system runs well and ADSP-BF609 is able to get the right data in memory. About 1or 2 hours later, image color  will distort as attached.

The image buffer address in the DSP memory is 0x2000020, when the error occurs, we get the image 1 as attached. If we modify the start address to 0x2000021, when we observe the data with image viewer, we are able to get the right image, see image 2. Then we modify the start address to 0x2000022,  we get image 3. Seems like Chroma and luma get interchanged or YUV data shifted by one clock.

Did you see the same issue in the past? Temperature or voltage has impect on ADV7180? Color burst moves? Any clue is welcome. Thank you.