New MEMS microphone products

Discussion created by JeradL on Aug 8, 2013

We have recently released four new MEMS microphones, so I want to make sure that everyone is aware of them and highlight the key features of each.



This is a new digital microphone that has the widest dynamic range of any microphone with a single-channel PDM output. This has a 65 dB SNR and a 133 dB SPL acoustic overload point, for a total acoustic dynamic range of 104 dB. The sensitivity tolerance on this microphone is ±2 dB. This is packaged in a standard 3x4x1 mm microphone package and is pin/function-compatible with other PDM microphones (ADMP421, ADMP521, ADMP522).



The ADMP522 is also a PDM microphone and has a very tight ±1 dB sensitivity tolerance. This makes this microphone ideal for array applications where minimizing variations in sensitivity between different microphones is critical to the performance of the algorithms using the microphones. Other than the tighter sensitivity tolerance, the ADMP522 is identical in performance to the ADMP521, with a high 65 dB SNR.



This is a high-SNR analog microphone in a small 3.35 x 2.50 x 0.98 mm package. The ADMP510 has a 65 dB SNR, 124 dB SPL acoustic overload point and a frequency response that is flat to about 10 kHz. The ADMP510 is also RF-hardened to make it more immune to RF interference.



The ADMP803 is Analog Devices' second microphone for the hearing aid market. It has identical electro-acoustic performance to the ADMP801, but has a new pinout and footprint. This has the same low-noise and ultra-low current consumption as the ADMP801.


Flex evaluation boards are available now for the ADMP621, ADMP522, and ADMP510.