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BF609-Vision Analytics Toolbox realtime demo as separate modules?

Question asked by Chakravarthy on Aug 8, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2013 by Chakravarthy

There are many interesting real-time demo applications which run on BF609-EzBoard with Extender Boards.


But unfortunately it is written as a one huge demo code with all applications in it and all the buffers, data structures, objects etc mixed and used in unnecessarily complex manner. When one is interested in a particular application use, it is not available as a separate entity but inter-mingled with  all other non-relevant applications to the user, causing great confusion which could have easily been avoided had these applications were written as individual modules just focusing on one application each.


If these were available as separate modules, they would also greatly help the users to get these relevant modules work on their target platform/boards with very little porting efforts and quickly evaluate the applications that they would be interested.