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About the problems of the driver under buildroot

Question asked by alen on Aug 8, 2013

Hi, Experts

      Recently, I am debugging camera driver on Beijing Vision blue BF609 development board(ov9650 and ov3640). I encoutered some problems confused me. I need to consult experts, I want to konw, what  relationship between these files named bfin_capture.c(bfin_display.c) in linux/linux-kernel/drivers/media/video/blackfin/directory and adv7842.c or ov9640.c in the kernel. In my opinion, bfin_capture.c is V4L2 video driver, and adv7842.c, OV9640.c etc.are I2C driver.The latter will be called the former.Can you tell me the relationship between them? If I use a kernel driver that already exist, such as ov9640.c, what I need to do? whether still need to use this driver named bfin_capture.c or not?