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ADXL 362 / Activity Interrupt problem

Question asked by Wantia on Aug 8, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2013 by matjaz_vencelj


I'm trying to generate an interrupt from the ADXL. The pin INT-2 should go high when the accelartion goes above the threshold and stays above for the in register ADXL362_REG_TIME_ACT specified time.


I set the ADXL in the default mode and i mapped the activity signal to INT-2 pin. When the the ADXL detects activity the INT-2 pin goes high

and the µC wakes up and deletes it by reading the status register of the ADXL. But the Activation time has no effect.


The ony thing i want is that the ADXL wakes up the µc if the threshold is overstepped for the specified time.

What am i doing wrong?



/* Put the device in standby mode. */


ADXL362_SetupActivityDetection(1, sens, ACTIVATION_TIME);  // 1: Ref mode, threshold, time



ADXL362_SetRegisterValue(0x0F,ADXL362_REG_ACT_INACT_CTL,1);    //  0F default Mode

/* Start the measurement process. */



Many thanks in advance