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[Error li1040] compiling the  "ADV7619_API_Library-Rel1.61.2.1" code

Question asked by Wango on Aug 8, 2013
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I try to build the "ADV7619_API_Library-Rel1.61.2.1" code provided at to run on BF524 for theADV7619 / ADV7511 Evaluation Board.

I use " CrossCore Embedded Studio 1.0.2" suite to build it and I have linking error [Error li1040]



1) Why the "ADV7619_API_Library-Rel1.61.2.1" code cause the "272 Out of memory at L1_code?

2) Would you show me how to open up the memory in 'L1_code' area to prevent this

"272 Out of memory ?


(attached is the project I am working on as

a link error as:

'[Error li1040] "..\system\startup_ldf\app.ldf":272 Out of memory in output section 'L1_code' in processor 'p0'

        Total of 0x1858 word(s) were not mapped.

For more details, see 'linker_log.xml' in the output directory.


Linker finished with 1 error

cc3089: fatal error: Link failed

make: *** [ADI7619_01.dxe] Error 1