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clock generator and BF609 CLKOUT synchronization

Question asked by mazx on Aug 8, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2013 by JoeT

I'm looking to attach two CMOS camera modules to BF609 SOM . CAM1 will be mapped to PPI2 and CAM2 to PPI3. Both camera modules require external clock.


According to OV96xx datasheet:

                        Min        Typcl    Max

Input Clock Frequency     10         24         48 MHz

Input Clock Period         21         42         100 ns

Clock Duty Cycle         45         50         55 %


I'm considering on using clock generator such as SI5351A ( with three free-running clock outputs - one for each module and one spare.


Does anyone have any experience doing something similar? Do I need to be concerned with clock synchronization between BF609's CLKOUT and SI5351 when dealing with two CMOS cameras? SI5351C product variant allows for external clock input and synchronization.


Would you have any alternative solutions and/or suggestions? Can I simply use scaled down to 24MHz output of CLKOUT to drive both CMOS modules?


Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.