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Odd Behavior For Odd Numbers

Question asked by Christopher on Aug 7, 2013
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I have found somthing strange things when trying to read an odd number from a register using the SigmaStudio C.O.M interface.

For example: I wrote 3 to a register from SigmaStudio, SigmaStudio said 3 was written in a *.params file, and in the "Value" section of the log. The "Data" section of the log (in hex) it said 24 (makes sence 24 / 8 = 3) was written. Then when I tried to read the data, the "Data" section, once again had the value is 24, good, however the difference is it somehow read -8^9 into MATLAB 0.0 This happens for all odd numbers without a decimal number next to them (besides 0). Does anyone know why this is or how to fix it? Any help is appreated!

Chip = ADAU1772

Please note: I am mostly a high - level developer, this is really my first time dealing with anything this low level, please be patient.

-----Edit 0-----:

    I also noticed with some (most) numbers I am loosing bits.

For example: Most of the time I get 27 out of 32 bits back. Somtimes 25, or 30.

Its not enough to get the complete (or nearly accurate) number when the bit count is below 27 (if that helps).

-----Edit 1-----:

    If it helps, I just noticed that odd numbers have some sort of a strange effect for example: 2.645654654654 comes out to be: 2.64565465599298, while 3.64565465599298 comes out to be: 3.35434534400702 and -1.343243243243 comes out to be: -1.65675675868988, very strange... not sure why...