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Accelerometer Zero Offset

Question asked by dgnelson on Aug 6, 2013

I have a pitch and roll sensing application and am evaluating a couple of AD accelerometers.  Our requirements are for better than 0.2 degree inclination accuracy.  We are currently using an STMicro MMA8541 accelerometer and have found that the sensor zero offset drifts unacceptably with time, I'm seeing a slow drift of up to 30 mg at one temperature.  This is especially the case when the temperature is changed and then brought back to the same temperature, repeatability is very poor.


We use a calibration method that incorporates offset drift wrt temperature.  So offset drift is not a problem as long as the offset remains constant and repeatable at a set temperature.


At the moment I'm looking at the ADXL350 and the ADXL313.  The datasheets don't give repeatability or accuracy figures for sensor offset.  Hoping someone can advise if the AD sensors will give better performance than the STMicro one.