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ADV7513 YCrCb 422 DDR input to YCrCb 444 HDMI output

Question asked by g-smith on Aug 6, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2014 by mattp

I am having a problem getting the ADV7513 to accept a 10-bit YCrCb 422 multiplexed input with a DDR bus clock. For testing I am using a 1080i60 input format and the bus clock is 74.25MHz (DDR).  I have attached a file with the register settings (in order of execution).  What is strange is that I can set 0x15 to 0x04 (SDR bus) and I get an HDMI output at 962x540@60Hz resolution (which kind of makes sense since the bus clock is half what would be expected for a SDR setup. Further, I can invert the phase of the DDR clock and I see mostly luminance with one phase and combined Chrominance with Luminance with the inverted phase - but the colors are not correct in either case.  Making no other changes except setting 0x15 to 0x08 (DDR bus) doesn't seem to generate an output that my monitors like.  I can read the EDID and know that the HDMI monitors I am using will accept RGB 444 or YCrCb 444. but not 422.  I have tried all the clock delay settings with no change in output.  I understand the ADV7513 will automatically convert 422 to 444 (and visa versa).  Any thoughts?


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