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ADT75 internal clk frequency

Question asked by moto on Aug 6, 2013
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I would like to know internal clock frequency, and data like PSRR if it can.

I have a problem.

ADT75 is mounted on a small board and connected to main board.
Main board supply the power.
It must be wire has some registance, I think.
So power line is a little noisy.
Noise level is like 10mV , 350KHz and triangle wave.
(sorry I can't show the actual picture)

My problem is output data sometime jumped up about 1 deg C.

Bypass capacitor is installed. 0.1 and 1uF near terminals.
I think triangle wave come from ADT75 internal clock, and bad low frequency power line noise make worse the ADT75 featue.


Could I have a comment?