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Problem with Dynamic Memory Allocation

Question asked by anjana on May 12, 2010
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I am Anjana, we are using BF532  processor in our application. We are  dynamically allocating the memory  at runtime using heap_malloc. So  forthat we are setting up the heap at  SDRAM memory allocation. In my  application we have some loop, there, for  every time it enters into the  loop it has to set up the heap memory. so  the problem here is when we  are setting up the heap at 3rd time it is  saying that " Failed to  initialize heap with userid 3". my user id  starts from 0, it is running  fine for userid0 and userid1 after that  only the problem comes,so  please help me what could be the problem. I am  sending my code also..




Please  help me

Regards Anjana