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ADV7619 APx Port

Question asked by snageli on Aug 6, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2013 by mattp

Just wanted to verify the functionality of the audio output port (Apx) on the ADV7619.


Currently I have an ADV7619-7511 development board and am utilizing the audio output port (APx) to go to an external board using header J3.  I have it setup as follows:


(Pin 101) AP1 - Front L/R

(Pin 102) AP2 - Sub/Cen

(Pin 103) AP3 - Rear L/R

(Pin 104) AP4 - Surround Back L/R

(Pin 106) AP5 - LRCK

(Pin 105) SCK

(Pin 107) MCK


I plan to use this port to go directly to one of the McASP ports of a TI TMS320C6747 in our application.  I assume it will function like this just fine.  The only reason I ask is that I am having issues when I have all the SDATA ports (AP1-AP4) hooked up on our external board for development right now.  I am attributing our issues to the fact that we are going off board with all 7 signals and that they are also simultaneously going to the ADV7511 on the board as well.  Let me see if you have any issues with this setup.