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Additional BF518 Anomalies Handled by VDSP 5.0?

Question asked by GlennR Employee on Aug 5, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2013 by StuartS

I would like to know if two particular BF518 anomalies affect code written in C using VDSP 5.0 update 9.1. The anomalies, listed in the Silicon Anomaly List document, are 05000074 (Multi-Issue Instruction with dsp32shiftimm in slot1 and P-reg Store in slot2 Not Supported) and 05000122 (Rx.H Cannot Be Used to Access 16-bit System MMR Registers). The anomolies were not listed in the tool's Help->Contents->Graphical Environment->Silicon Anomaly Support->Silicon Anomalies Tools Support. Similarly, the anomalies were not found in the System/ArchDef directory where the tool is installed.


It would seem reasonable to expect that the compiler would avoid running into these anomalies. Please check if this is the case.