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File corruption when transferring a file from SD card using FTP

Question asked by RobertCraig on Aug 5, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2013 by RobertCraig

I'm using the 2010R1-RC5 release with the kernel release on a  BF518F processor.  The application is a pretty standard implementation  with an SD card connected to the RSI lines and inetd used to execute  ftpd sessions for uploading / downloading files. I've found that when I download files, I occasionally get files with 4-8 bytes corrupted one or more times and was wondering if this is a known problem.  The one common note to the corruption is that it always seems to occur towards the end of a 4K (0xFF?) boundary in terms of file position, almost like the end of a buffer is being overwritten.


e.g. at








Any help would be appreciated.


     Robert Craig