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Can you recommend right ADC for 3.5MHz ultrasound with 6kHz pulse repetition?

Question asked by adc123 on Aug 4, 2013
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  I am trying to design an ultrasound system.  I need to find a right ADC for it.


  Transducer : 3.5MHz center frequency +- 10%

  Signal bandwidth : Expect to be low.  say 2~5MHz at most.

  Unfocused.  Beam is expected to spread from 0.05m. 

  Pulse repetition (!! key factor to choose ADC sps?)  : 6kHz.  In other words, every 0.000167 seconds shoot pulse.


  How many samples : 128 samples.  I want to make 128 samples per pulse transmission.

  My rough calculation:

  It seems, I need to sample 128 times every 0.000167 seconds. 

  It turns out ~768ksps required ( < 1 Msps).  So i would choose 2~3Msps with 10 bits resolution. 


  Transmit pulse will be 5V.  Not sure how much voltage I would get from receiving pulse (out of human body).  Might be 100 times less (50mV).


  I looked into some adcs that have 3Msps and 10bits. and I am not sure if the ADC will do this job. 

  With all those facts, which ADC will be capable of 3.5MHz signal with 768ksps required with very tiny voltage return?