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What video encoders, if any, support SD video in both D1 and WD1 (960H) formats?

Question asked by Pensate.Profunde on Aug 2, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2013 by DaveD

I'm working on a fiber-optic multiplexer (for an underwater robot) that will transmit 2x3G-SDI video, 8xSD video, USB, GigE and several other miscellaneous signal streams over a single fiber. The SD video is decoded to a digital stream similar to BT.656 (Techwell TW2968) and processed by an FPGA. Either a D1 or WD1 (960H, e.g. Sony Effio) camera may be connected to any of the 8 video inputs.


I'm looking for 8-channels of a cost effective video encoder that will work with either D1 or WD1 resolution SD video. If needed, the BT.656 data can be massaged by the FPGA. Does AD makes any parts that would work in this application?


We're also considering converting to HDMI outputs but prefer analog CVBS because most of our customers are already set up for that and HDMI might be disruptive to them.


Message was edited by: Sheldon Rubin I guess I should mention that the WD1 data stream is clocked at 36MHz instead of the standard 27MHz for D1.