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ADV7441A DDC doesn't read EDID

Question asked by HankZ on Aug 2, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2015 by JosephSh

We have HDMI and DVI connected to the PortB and PortA of ADV7441A, internal EDID memory

is used. We can even see the video from DVI (Port A). When HPD is toggled, I2C

waveform of  DDC_SDA/DDC_SCL can be oberserved on both port seperately. But

external video source doesn't read EDID. After the source sends 0xA0 over DDC,

ADV7441 doesn't respond with an  ACK. We need to figure out why ADV7441 doesn't respond to

0xA0 addressing. The DDC_SDA/SCL is connect to ADV7441A directly. It is

straightforward and suppose to work.