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bf609 multi- loading problems , SPI start and MEMORY starts.

Question asked by qian on Aug 2, 2013
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I am using the chip is bf609.

The default startup mode SPI FLASH.


initCode and after zlib compression ldr files are stored in the SPI FLASH .

initCode contains SPI FLASH read and write, and zlib decompression .

When starting from SPI FLASH and enter initcode,initcode reading stored in the SPI FLASH the APP.ldr.zlib file.

Then decompress and put the decompressed data stored in the DDR .



Finally call the function rom_Boot(). Start from the DDR .

Call the function :


The program can be started.



But I have some questions .

APP.LDR.ZLIB also need to include a initCode file to start properly.(Here initCode not contain FLASH literacy and decompression)

I do not have to figure out there's boot process . Why app.ldr also need to include a initCode file? 

SPI FLASH startup has already been performed initCode.



Thank you.