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ADV7619 settings for 4k

Question asked by bsnajder on Aug 1, 2013
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Hi to all,


we are trying to receive 4k resolution with ADV7619, but we are having some problems with signal integrity. While on 1920x1080p60 we do not have any problems with receive, on 4k we have image jumping up and down or horizontal color lines.


We would like to tune a little bit equalization settings, termination impedance in an input stage of ADV7619, and while this is somewhat documented in an ADV7611 manual, in the ADV7619 manual this registers are not documented at all. There are some setting that have to be reconfigured when going to 4k (at least, according to recommended setting from Analog), but I cannot find any documentation about them.


Does anybody have a problem with 4k, how to resolve it, or does anybody have any documentation or info how to reconfigure input stage of ADV7619.


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