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ADuM3223 PSpice simulation model

Question asked by Joseph-ZHANG on Aug 1, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2013 by RSchnell

Hello, guys, good afternoon!

May I have yous attentions first, Now we are developing a project which is planing to use the IC ADuM3223, a isolated half-bridge drivers, now we are running the PSpice simulation of the design of this project. So the problem is I didn't find the PSpice simulation model of ADuM3223 after I checked the ADI office website, and then it stops my work, so if someone has the PSpice model of ADuM3223, may i share it with you? super thank you. I am expecting these buddies who have the PSpice model of ADuM3223 can reply me, thank you so much.