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problem to get connected to EVAL-SDP-CB1Z + EVAL-CN0216-SDPZ

Question asked by Alexxx on Aug 1, 2013
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we have bought recently EVAL-SDP-CB1Z + EVAL-CN0216SDPZ (24 bit ADC, weigh scale).

What I have done already:

- downloading newest demo software

- installing drivers and CN0216_Evaluation_Software

- powering EVAL-CN0216SDPZ from 6V battery

- connecting bridge

- USB cable PC to EVAL-SDP-CB1Z


First day I could connect to it and demo runs fine.


next day I opened and closed evaluation software several times. After closing, disconnecting USB, reconnecting and stating software again,
I could (SW-) connect to SDP.

But in measurements diagram there were spikes to neg. maximum suddenly to be seen – in random intervals ranging in 30 seconds to minutes.

Computer- and EVAL- restart didn’t change anything. Spikes were there, but other measurements were OK.


Today starting measurement mode running OK (with spikes). But suddenly, while only watching measurement graph, suddenly only neg. maximum values are displayed. After diconnecting => When pressing “connect”-button in CN0216_Evaluation_Software there are error messages displayed: “No matching system found. Press Rescan to retry or Cancel to abort.” ,

and “SDPERROR 110005: no connection made”

But when I disconnect EVAL-CN0216SDPZ from EVAL-SDP-CB1Z and plug in USB to EVAL-SDP-CB1Z only, then when trying to connect as before it says:

“An SDP system was found, but the daughterboard was not detected. Check the daughterboard is attached to a compatible SDP and press Rescan or Cancel to abort.”, and “SDPERROR 110005: no connection made”


I also tried to install on another computer – no difference.


As I did’t touch the EVALs nor the computer it looks like an wiring /connection/ ESD can NOT be the problem.

Now I am totally clueless.

Please help to locate the problem.