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BF547 - encryption & USB

Question asked by AlonIs on Jul 31, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2013 by Nabeel

Please help

When I'm runnimg my code all  the interupts and peripherials are working perfect.

I encrypted my code(code section  - oxffa00000).


I have a second program that decrypt the encrypted code , place it in the code section , place the correct data (L1 - 0xff800000 , L2 - 0xff900000 ) ,  place the PC in address 0xffa00000(start) at this point the processor is set as it was when I loaded the first program(not encrypted).


when the PC start running on the code the decrptyped program work fine (Sport interupts , keypad , uart comm , etc) except to the USB , the PC doesn't recognize the device .


Any ideas ?

thanks in advenced,