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Yaw orientation in ADIS16480

Question asked by ranu on Jul 31, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2013 by NevadaMark

We are in the process of evaluation ADIS16480 module using EVAL-ADIS system. We are getting confused with initialization process. Why do we need to fix our reference? Do we need to align the module in reference position with some external compass help? As of now we are seeing the value of X_MAGN_OUT and Y_MAGN_OUT and when the X_MAGN_OUT is Zero and Y_MAGN_OUT is positive, we assume (tanh(x/y) is zero and module is aligned to north and we are giving the TARE command.


Now as we have fixed our north, we are rotating the module clockwise to check for east, But the yaw is updated with negative sign and we get -90 deg at east. Similarly, we get +90 deg in west. Ehat may be the reason for this behavior?