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AD5422 - voltage and current output on the same terminal

Question asked by della on Jul 31, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2013 by tjohnson


I want to put the voltage and current output of the AD5422 on the same terminal.

There is a need for an OpAmp (AD5422 Datasheet, Figure 75) to buffer the +Vsense signal.

In the datasheet they suggest the OP184 or OP07  as buffer amplifier.


My application needs the 4-20mA and a 0-10V  output.  So I want to power the AD5422 with single power supply (AVSS = 0V = GND).

Can I use a single-supply OpAmp as buffer amplifier ?  Do I need Rail-To-Rail  input/output ?

What are the requirements for that OpAmp (rail-to-rail,  precision, dual-supply, single-supply,  etc)  ?