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Question asked by LPassos on Jul 30, 2013
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Dear Sirs,


    I need your help.

    I am using an ADE7753 IC in a design with a Voltage Transformer (VT) for voltage sensing and a Current Transformer for current.

    The all system is being powered by the USB port from a PC through a JTAG interface.


    The system is working perfectly except for two situations that i have recently found out:

          1- When the PC is being powered by the battery

                                        - I connect the mains (230V 50Hz) and the system (ADE7753, MCU ... ) is OK.

                                        - I disconnect the mains and reconnect, and the ADE7753 became down (No response). It recovers through a reset.


         2- When the PC is working on mains:   

                                        - I connect the mains and the all system (MCU and ADE7753) became down. It recovers through a reset (disconect and connect the USB cable).


    In the PCB design for the ADE7753 i use separate ground planes (AGND and DGND) and both are connected at one point though a ferrite bead. Both DVDD and AVDD are conected to 5V. The mid point of the VT is connected to AGND.


Thanks in advance for your support,