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BF548 Ez kit lite init file

Question asked by sujan5614 on Jul 30, 2013
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I am working on a custom board having BF548 processor, using CCES.


I have the BF548 Ez kit lite board rev 1.4 for reference.

I provided the init code ezkitBF548_initcode_ROM-V04.dxe while flashing the .ldr file in the Ez Kit lite board using CCES. Since both my SDRAM and NAND on my custom board is different from what we have in the Ez Kit lite Board, I presume, the Init code needs to be modified.

Please confirm.


In the source file for the init code, i could find initialization for PLL, EBIU, UART1 and SPI flash.

As per my understanding, the init file runs before my application code during every boot and does the appropriate settings.

So when I am flashing the on board NAND/SPI flash, where does the init code gets dumped to?


I have been able to successfully boot the Ez Kit Lite board from the On board NAND flash. so when is the NAND interface initialized during boot up?



Sujan Nag