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yaw of ADIS16480 is incorrect!

Question asked by sayed on Jul 30, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2013 by NevadaMark

I aligned y-axis with magnetic north as mentioned in data sheet & and in the discussion, and getting  YAW_C32_OUT as 0 when pointing y-axis towards north.


The pitch,roll and yaw of ADIS16480 is incorrect".


But after executing tare command & when i am rotating the module in clockwise direction,getting the reading of yaw as rotating in anti-clockwise direction, i.e when the module's y-axis pointing towards magnetic north & x-axis pointing towards east, while rotating the device clockwise around z-axis  I am getting negative X_MAGN_OUT values & positive Y_MAGN_OUT in first quadrant, instead I should get both positive.

Also, yaw reading YAW_C32_OUT also read as negative when rotating in first quadrant.


How to correct the direction of rotation?


Kindly provide the solution!